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A man smiles after undergoing treatment with sedation dentistryMany of the patients we see at University Park Family Dental come to us for help with their dental phobias. The sedation dentistry options available at our Denver office give anxious patients a chance to put their fears aside and improve the health of their teeth, mouth, and gums. Dr. Avery Lopez offers oral conscious sedation and complimentary nitrous oxide sedation to alleviate the stress patients feel about dental appointments. To learn more about our options or schedule a consultation, contact us today.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a sedative that, when breathed in, reduces a patient's sensitivity to pain. Nitrous oxide provides a warm, relaxing feeling to help patients bear their dental treatments without fear, anxiety, or nervousness. Administered through a mask, this sedative is closely monitored by Dr. Lopez and does not require any downtime; as soon as the mask is removed, the effects wear off rather quickly, typically in three to five minutes. The amount of sedative can be adjusted throughout your treatment to ensure your optimum comfort. In cases in which patients may not suffer dental anxiety but have a particularly sensitive gag reflex, nitrous oxide is highly effective in eliminating or minimizing gagging.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Undergoing treatment with oral conscious sedation involves taking a few pills, prescribed by Dr. Lopez, an hour or so before your dental appointment. By the time a friend or family member has driven you to our office, you will have fallen into a state of relaxation and comfort. Although you will remain conscious for the duration of your appointment, you may feel relaxed enough to doze off. Depending on the severity of your anxiety, Dr. Lopez may plan to administer additional sedation or anesthesia once you arrive at the office. Once your treatment is complete, you will be driven back home to wait for the sedation to wear off (usually within a few hours). Oral conscious sedation will leave you with little to no memory of your appointment.

Understanding the Benefits

Whether you struggle with a sensitive gag reflex, want to manage the anxiety you feel when at the dentist, or have neglected your oral health and wish to restore it in as few appointments as possible, the sedation dentistry options we provide at our Denver office can help. Dr. Lopez's vast experience in administering sedation paired with his expertise in cosmetic and restorative dentistry will provide the most successful, comfortable, and stress-free experience for you and your family. Sedation can give you the chance to take control of your oral health and the appearance of your smile without fear.

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If you think you might benefit from our sedation dentistry options, or wish to make an appointment at our Denver practice, contact University Park Family Dental today.

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